Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 2021 BOD Minutes

Please note:  Minutes will be published after approval at the next Board meeting.


February 23, 2021

9:00 am

This meeting was closed to the public due to Coronavirus

ROLL CALL:  Charlie Craig, Tina Smyers, Don McFarland, Paul Quintin, Lynda Anderson, Corinne Foti, Susan Hildebrand and Katie Russell; Ex Abs Debbie Polidoro.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  BOD Meeting 1/26/2021 - Motion to approve by Paul Quintin, seconded by Charlie Craig.  MOTION APPROVED.



  • Deb Polidoro took another qualifying Board Certification course online

  • Insurance inspector came and did annual inspection.  There were a few minor issues, but we are still awaiting the full report.

  • Balloons and cake to be ordered for Jack Sumerix 100th Birthday celebration to be held at Dime Jingle on March 19th.

  • Will begin Phone Directory shortly.  BOD offered to help edit the old directory and update.  Will schedule a day to get together.


  • Country Club Carts estimate for turn signals for our Rules & Enforcement cart is $250.  They are currently out of stock, but will let us know when they come in.  Lettering for the golf cart are ready to be picked up - $26.63

  • Shredder truck was very successful for the community.

PERMITS:  17 New Permits and 1 New home delivery on January 28th. Motion to approve by Lynda Anderson, seconded by Tina Smyers.  MOTION APPROVED.



  • BOD was polled ant it was approved to open the Community Center and the Office on March 1st.  Both still with masks and social distancing.    


  • Owners slowly moving units to back area until HCU are done.  1 resident has been given a deadline to move and renew.

  • The Storage Compound/Dog Park committee has changed its Directors.  Lynda Anderson has been replaced by Tina Smyers.  Tina Smyers accepted.


  • Lynda's report - filed for audit.


  • Getting a quote for new awnings on the Information Building.  The old ones are starting to look pretty sad.

  • Need to look into new siding also and think about adding it to the Budget for next year.

Grounds Keeping:

  • The new wood for the Bocce Courts is in and maintenance is working on replacing all the lower boards.

  • Mowing contracts have been sent out for all the vacant lot mowing.


  • Tennis Courts have been taped off due to cracks in the pavement - Quote for repair of $925.00 has been approved.  Work should be completed in the next three weeks.

  • Will leave the pool occupancy the same for now with Covid-19.

  • Looking at Shuffleboard Court Pavilions for repair on the one end.

  • Repairs to pool shower and bathroom plumbing issue.  Quote to fix plumbing and replace tiles show is $2990.00.  Need to look into this issue further.

  • Replace photo eye and GFI at Bocce Courts, along with lights at the top of big pole.


  • Motion to Adjourn by Charlie Craig, seconded by Paul Quintin.  MOTION APPROVED.  Meeting adjourned at 10:28 am.

Respectfully Submitted

Tina Smyers


(352) 596-2397

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